For every two oranges grown in this country, one gets thrown out.

  • Our Vision

    To build a world where farm-stage food waste is a thing of the past. The Wonki team wants to eliminate a whole farms yearly waste

  • Our Mission

    To save 100 tonnes of waste by 2025

  • So far,

    we've saved over 10,000 kg of Australian produce

Wonki exists due to you, realising that Wonki produce should be celebrated & enjoyed, just the same as all other fruit!

Wonki’s low-sugar alternative to traditional alcoholic beverage options allows you to support Australian farmers on a mission to divert valuable, and perfectly yummy, produce from waste. The ‘how’ is down to our Wonki beverages fluctuating batch-to-batch as the seasons do, pending what fruit and vegetables needs saving at the time.

For our Spring ‘23 second-time batch, we’ve sourced the produce from Griffith NSW. Their ‘trash’ became our treasure, with these mandarins being deemed too tiny for supermarket standards, and the blood oranges having some superficial blemishes and spots - don’t we all?”.

When it comes to our  Blood Orange & Mandarin release, it all came down to getting very seasonally specific. First, we kicked off the conversation with Farmers Pick, to understand what was around at the time and needed saving.

50% of citrus gets wasted, which is wild - and citrus tastes amazing in a drink… which makes it perfect for juicing. Blood Orange has a short season from August to October, so this is a limited seasonal run for us.

Look out for the “Certified Imperfect” Farmers Pick badge on your Wonki can, certifying the juice in the can is a fresh squeeze from our Aussie farms.

Next up, we leaned into the expertise of our juicer, to work out what flavours will taste amazing over summer. We seek to strike a balance between serving vibrant flavour combinations missing from the market, while listening to what ‘Mother Nature’ is asking for.

Consider bulbous limes and curly cucumbers, often overlooked and rejected because they are a little too bent…

We’re lucky to have incredibly supportive Melbourne-based suppliers and manufacturers. For example, Wonki would not be able to save the fruit without our juicer — they share our passion and are willing to support us. Usually, the mandarins are too small for their facility, but they believed in our mission and slowed their production just for us.

Lastly, our manufacturing blends our Wonki concoction into a fresh, zesty beverage into a fully recyclable can. 

A momentous toast to our invaluable local supply chain partners. It is through these incredible relationships that Wonki thrives on a collective mission to reduce waste.

  • Look out for the imperfect Farmers Pick badge on the can, certifying the juice in the can is a fresh wonki squeeze from our Aussie farms.