About Us

Meet the Wonki Team, Max, Bridget and Gabe. Three university students tackling Australia's huge food waste issue.

It’s not just because we’re uni students that we landed on making an alcoholic beverage - it’s because we wanted to do something fun and exciting that could bring people together, which is vastly different from the doom and gloom around the topic of food waste.

In 2022, at Monash University’s ‘Fastrack Accelerator’ program, we dreamt up the Wonki business model to transform waste bound fruit into really delicious sips, courtesy of local manufacturers. We literally pitched it to the program on the first lesson and they just go, ‘Team, what do you think you're doing? This idea hasn’t been validated at all, it isn’t a business.’ That was a bit of a shock, but it was so good because it forced us to spend the next 12 months actually going out there. We interviewed about 150 students. We would go into Dan Murphy's and bombard someone and say, ‘Hey, what do you think of this? Does this work for you? What would you do differently? How would you change it to better suit a product that you actually want to see?

And we just kept iterating and iterating until we got to a point where it was resonating a lot with people and it just kept giving us the momentum and really good reasons to keep pushing forward with this idea that was now turning into something that could actually save a lot of fruit from becoming waste.

After reaching our crowdfunding target earlier 2023, we turned the idea of ‘Wonki’ into tangible, ready-to-drink reality. Real ‘Wonki’ fruit is being saved by us full time-students, to ensure you are getting real-deal juice into the final beverage. Save Australian produce today by purchasing our latest batches and Do The World A Flavour.


    The flavour of the moment is a citrus-packed blood orange and mandarin mix.

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    "Sustainable hard seltzer brand Wonki has launched a new seasonal flavour ....."

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    "A revolutionary idea has taken Australia’s sustainable beverage market by storm."

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